Both audio podcast and video episodes are listed here. The audio portions of video episodes are available for some productions. Check the relevent page for details and download links by clicking on the episode title. Updated regularly, but check The Sword and Laser website for the most recent releases. Last edited on 2017/09/20



Episode Title

Main Topics

Release Date Length
Podcast #306

Indentured Robotude w/ Annalee Newitz

Interview with Annalee Newitz

September 19 29:13
Podcast #305

Major in Martin Studies

Helliconia Spring

September 14 28:29

Podcast #304

Westeros for SciFi Fans

The Gunslinger

August 31


Podcast #303

Smooth Roberator

The Gunslinger

August 17


Podcast #302

Why the Robots Need Us

Interview with Daniel H. Wilson

August 10 22:46
Podcast #301

Long Days and Pleasant Nights

The Gunslinger

August 3 32:45
Podcast #300

Don't Pee in the Gene Pool

The Left Hand of Darkness

July 20 40:53
Podcast #299

NK Jemisin Says FanFic Makes Good Practice

Interview with N.K.Jemisin

July 13 21:55
Podcast #298

Don't Get Eaten By a Bear

The Left Hand of Darkness

July 6 31:21
Podcast #297

Haint a Plot Hole if You Ask Me

The Hum and the Shiver

June 22 36:24
Podcast #296

A Talk with James S. A. Corey (BayCon 2017)

Interview with James S.A. Corey

June 15 57:38
Podcast #295

Don't put spiders on your head

The Hum and the Shiver June 8 28:41
Podcast #294

Live at BayCon with Whiskey!

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet,

The Hum and the Shiver

May 31 42:32
Podcast #293

Post-apocalyptic Protopia (w/ Cory Doctorow)

Interview with Cory Doctorow May 17 30:00
Podcast #292

Cozy Space Opera

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet May 10 30:29
Podcast #291

Falling Backwards into Screenwriting Success

Interview with M.R. Carey May 3 28:08
Podcast #290

Let’s Get Stuck in Fantasyland!

The Invisible Library, The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet April 26 34:30
Podcast #289

Love Letter to the Solar System

The Invisible Library April 20 21:24
Podcast #288

Slow Readers Unite!

The Invisible Library April 12 32:52

Podcast #287

You Do Like Your Alternate Londons

Gateway, The Invisible Library

March 30


Podcast #286

Secrets of a Powder Mage

Interview with Brian McClellan

March 22


Podcast #285

Why You Should Like Bad Characters


March 14


Podcast #284

Living Fen’s Dream

Interview with Brittany Curran

March 9


Podcast #283

The Madness Begins

The Salt Roads, Gateway

March 1


Podcast #282

Where The Salt Roads Lead

The Salt Roads

February 15


Podcast #281

Worldbuilding Through Pinterest

Interview with Bradley P. Beaulieu

February 6


Podcast #280

Good Omens for 2018

The Three-Body Problem, The Salt Roads

February 1


Podcast #279

Myke Cole, Man Hunter

Interview with Myke Cole

January 23


Podcast #278

Don’t Trust Turkey Data

The Three-Body Problem

January 18


Podcast #277

The January No-Beer Problem

The Three-Body Problem

January 5


Previous YearsEdit

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