This page contains links to the various Local Meet-Ups, Hangouts, and other Sword & Laser Groups. Please check to see if there is a local chapter for you to join before starting your own. Lists are arranged alphabetically by city or region. Last edited on 2014/12/18

For a list of current events see Sword & Laser Events

Local MeetupsEdit

City or Area Group Name Links Status
Boise, Idaho, USA None Goodreads Organizing
Buchares, Romania None Goodreads Inactive
Denmark None Goodreads Organizing
Detroit, MI, USA None Goodreads Inactive
Ireland None Goodreads Inactive
Klaipeda, Lithuania None Goodreads Inactive
Las Vegas, NV, USA None Goodreads Inactive
London, UK London Meet-Up Goodreads Meeting
Los Angeles, CA, USA None Goodreads Organizing
Madison, WI, USA None Goodreads Inactive
Minneapolis/St Paul, MN, USA None Goodreads Meeting
New York, NY, USA None Goodreads Organizing
North Carolina, USA None Goodreads Inactive
Orange County, CA, USA Local Meetup Orange County Goodreads Meeting
Orlando, FL, USA None Goodreads Organizing
Philadelphia, PA, USA None Goodreads Organizing
Portage County, OH, USA None Goodreads Organizing
Portland, OR, USA None Goodreads Meeting
Republica de Panama None Goodreads Inactive
Rochester, NY, USA None Goodreads Organizing
San Diego, CA, USA None Goodreads Meeting
San Francisco, CA, USA Meetup at Borderlands Goodreads Meeting
Seattle, WA, USA None Goodreads Organizing
South Carolina, USA None Goodreads Inactive
Sydney, NSW, Australia None Goodreads Inactive

Tacoma, WA, USA

Tacoma S&L Meetup


Tokyo, Kanto, Japan None Goodreads Inactive
United Kingdom None Goodreads Organizing
Victoria, BC, Canada None Goodreads Meeting
Washington, DC, USA None Goodreads Meeting

Regional G+ HangoutsEdit

City or Area Group Name Links
Australia Aussie Hangout Goodreads
United Kingdom Sword & Laser UK Goodreads Google+

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