The Curse of Chalion by Lois McMaster Bujold  was the 51st official Sword and Laser Book Club selection.

Reading period: Aug 1, 2013 - Aug 31, 2013

How/Why was this book chosen:

It was selected by Veronica and Tom.

Sword & Laser Goodreads Group Discussion of The Curse of Chalion

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The Curse of Chalion by Lois McMaster BujoldEdit

A man broken in body and spirit, Cazaril, has returned to the noble household he once served as page, and is named, to his great surprise, as the secretary-tutor to the beautiful, strong-willed sister of the impetuous boy who is next in line to rule. 

It is an assignment Cazaril dreads, for it will ultimately lead him to the place he fears most, the royal court of Cardegoss, where the powerful enemies, who once placed him in chains, now occupy lofty positions. In addition to the traitorous intrigues of villains, Cazaril and the Royesse Iselle, are faced with a sinister curse that hangs like a sword over the entire blighted House of Chalion and all who stand in their circle. Only by employing the darkest, most forbidden of magics, can Cazaril hope to protect his royal charge—an act that will mark the loyal, damaged servant as a tool of the miraculous, and trap him, flesh and soul, in a maze of demonic paradox, damnation, and death.

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