The Einstein Inersection  by Samuel R. Delaney   was the 56th official Sword and Laser Book Club selection.

Reading period: Jan 1, 2014 - Jan 31, 2014

How/Why was this book chosen:

It was selected by Tom because Samuel R. Delaney was named as the 2014 Damon Knight Grand Master Recipient

Sword & Laser Goodreads Group Discussion of The Einstein Intersection

Sword & Laser Podcasts and Videos: Kick Off: S&L 158   Wrap Up:  S&L 160

The Einstein Intersection by Samuel R. DelaneyEdit

The Einstein Intersection won the Nebula Award for best science fiction novel of 1967. The surface story tells of the problems a member of an alien race, Lo Lobey, has assimilating the mythology of earth, where his kind have settled among the leftover artifacts of humanity. The deeper tale concerns, however, the way those who are "different" must deal with the dominant cultural ideology. The tale follows Lobey's mythic quest for his lost love, Friza. In luminous and hallucinated language, it explores what new myths might emerge from the detritus of the human world as those who are "different" try to seize history and the day.

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