The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell  was the 68th official Sword and Laser Book Club selection.

Reading period: Jan 1, 2015 - Jan 31, 2015

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Vote % Book Author
83 35.2

The Sparrow

Mary Doria Russell
61 25.8

Doomsday Book

Connie Willis
46 19.5

Battle Royale

Koushun Takami
46 19.5

The Snow Queen

Joan D. Vinge

Sword & Laser Goodreads Group Discussion of The Sparrow

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The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell Edit

In 2019, humanity finally finds proof of extraterrestrial life when a listening post in Puerto Rico picks up exquisite singing from a planet which will come to be known as Rakhat. While United Nations diplomats endlessly debate a possible first contact mission, the Society of Jesus quietly organizes an eight-person scientific expedition of its own. What the Jesuits find is a world so beyond comprehension that it will lead them to question the meaning of being "human." Words like "provocative" and "compelling" will come to mind as you read this shocking novel about first contact with a race that creates music akin to both poetry and prayer.

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