Watership Down by Richard Adams was the 7th official Sword and Laser Book Club selection.

Reading period: Jul 6, 2008 - Aug 19, 2008

How/Why was this book chosen: Veronica exercised her dictatorial powers and chose it.

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Watership Down by Richard AdamsEdit

One of the most beloved novels of our time, Richard Adams's "Watership Down" takes us to a world we have never truly seen: to the remarkable life that teems in the fields, forests and riverbanks far beyond our cities and towns. It is a powerful saga of courage, leadership and survival; an epic tale of a hardy band of adventurers forced to flee the destruction of their fragile community...and their trials and triumphs in the face of extraordinary adversity as they pursue a glorious dream called "home."

"Watership Down" is a remarkable tale of exile and survival, of heroism and leadership...the epic novel of a group of adventurers who desert their doomed city, and venture forth against all odds on a quest for a new home, a sturdier future,